Where do I purchase Outback Flashlights locally?

To find a local distributor of our products please call us at 801.226.2520. If you can’t find us locally, you can always shop right here with us online on outbackflashlights.com!

Does your warranty cover dead batteries?

While we are committed to keeping your flashlights running at peak performance, our warranty only covers manufacturer defects. Batteries are part of everyday use and are not covered.

Is my flashlight waterproof?

While Outback Flashlights are water resistant, they are NOT waterproof. They will be safe if they get wet while on your adventures, but please do not submerge them in water!

How do I change the batteries in my flashlight?

Remove the end cap located at the opposite end of the light source by twisting counter-clockwise. Remove dead batteries and place new ones with the negative or flat side of the battery facing the spring inside the flashlight. If the flashlight uses a battery cartridge, insert it with the arrow pointing towards the flashlight.

How can I change the batteries in my headlamp?

Twist the cap opposite the on/off button (Careful! Do NOT twist the on/off button!). Remove the battery cartridge and replace the batteries, making sure the negative or flat end of the battery is facing towards the spring.

My flashlight isn’t as bright as it was when I bought it.

As your batteries die, the flashlight has less power to draw on. Replacing the batteries with fresh ones should solve the issue. If the issue persists, please call us at 801.226.2520.

My flashlight won’t turn on.

Make sure the bottom, body, and head are tight. If the issue persists, change out the batteries for a fresh set, ensuring that the batteries are installed correctly- with the negative, flat side facing the spring inside the flashlight. If the flashlight still doesn’t turn on, call us at 801.226.2520 for further assistance.

How can I become a distributer?

We’re excited to hear from you! Fill out the contact info on our Become a Distributor page and we will contact you soon.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?

Please ask us through our Contact page or give us a call at 801.226.2520, we’d love to help.