Headlamps are a great option for campers, hikers, mechanics, and anyone else that wants an easy hands-free light. If you’re looking for a reliable, high powered, richly featured headlamp, this guide is for you. Outback Flashlight has three great models for you to choose from, and while you really can’t go wrong with any one of them, we’re going to help you pick the one that will suit you best.


Digger Headlamp

Looking for the basics? Or perhaps you’re wanting a headlamp that’s a smaller size. Regardless, Outback Flashlights does basic better than anybody with our powerful Digger headlamp. The Digger is perfect for use as a work light as well as a handy outdoor companion. With a 100 lumen beam and a water resistant exterior, it’s a versatile light you can take anywhere.

We’re thoughtful about the features we include in your lights, which is why we’ve included four settings on your Digger headlamp. The first is the high powered 100 lumen beam that you can use when you really need that light. The second is a 50 lumen beam for when you need to make your battery last. The third is a handy night vision option, and the last is a flashing red beam that will alert people to your presence and keep you safe. We’ve also included a 70 degree adjustable head, so that you can position the light right where you need it.


Cobber XL Headlamp

Want a little more out of your headlamp? Our Cobbler XL is our most popular headlamp, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great all purpose headlamp that outperforms the competition. With a 110 lumen CREE LED, this hands-free light is ready to light your way anywhere.

Like The Digger, the Cobbler XL has the same four light settings in the more powerful beam, 110 lumen high, 65 lumen low, night vision and flashing red. It also features a tough, water resistant exterior, a 45 degree tilting head, and an adjustable headstrap. We know that this powerful headlamp will make you happy.


Cobber XL-S Headlamp

Our Cobbler XL-S improves on our fan favorite with a brighter 120 lumen beam and a revolutionary sensor feature. You can expect all of the same incredible features that the original brought you, but with improved technology that makes it even easier and more convenient to use.

Outback is constantly innovating to create lights that do more for you. The Cobbler XL-S has a motion sensor making it possible to turn the light on and off without touching it. The sensor scans for movement within 8 inches of the lamp and will turn on or off with a simple wave of the hand. This makes it quicker and easier to control your light under a variety of circumstances.

You may not always have the time, desire, or even the ability to fumble with the switch.  It’s a lifesaver for mechanics, technicians, mountain bikers and others. Simply, it’s more convenient for anyone who wants a headlamp that’s easier to use.

Outback Flashlights is your source for the most reliable products and the best features. We know your lights help keep you safe, make your job easier, and help make your life more enjoyable. We take our craft seriously so that you don’t have to worry about your purchase. To prove it we back our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Trust us at Outback Flashlights to supply you with flashlights and headlamps that exceed your expectations. Shop more of our outstanding products on our website, or call 801.226.2520 to find us locally.

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