Outback Spanish Fork Warehouse


About Outback Flashlights. Founded in 2006 with custom design flashlights for sale on counters in a variety of stores. Therefore we grew quickly by focusing on reliability, our customer needs, and unique features.

Within a short time, we began designing flashlights for contractors, mechanics, truckers, first responders, and campers. As a result, we appeal to anyone who depends on a reliable flashlight or headlamp.

We are constantly improving our flashlights and headlamps, making them better and more useful, and most of all we focus on offering awesome products.

From the beginning, we offered a service that will make the lights unique using custom laser engraving!


The founders of Outback Flashlights, and their unique combination of business and creative skills have made Outback Flashlights what it is today.

We are all about dealing honestly and fairly with people and in addition to a constant drive for improvement.

They have been blessed to work with some of the best, most reliable people in the industry. The sales, customer service, warehouse, and shipping staff are second to none. Because each person is self-responsible and a great team player we have a fun, energetic work and play environment.


We focus on our customer’s needs by offering innovative, new portable lighting solutions to everyone from contractors to truckers. Consequently, we offer products that bring power, reliability, and new functions to the marketplace.


We’ve created first-class products at competitive prices backed by our limited lifetime warranty for over 12 years.  We believe that if we maintain this focus, it will propel us to worldwide recognition.

Due to our values, we’ve attracted a committed customer base that relies on us for the best flashlights and headlamps.

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