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The Force is a powerful, rugged flashlight that we designed with law enforcement in mind, but that works great for anyone who wants a high powered, high quality, and convenient flashlight at their side. Features include:


  • A three watt CREE LED that puts out a powerful 180 lumen beam.

  • Three light settings including high, low, and strobe.

  • A 200 yard beam distance. That’s the length of two football fields!

  • A rugged water resistant exterior.

  • A 10 second reset.

  • Our limited lifetime warranty.

  • A rechargeable battery.

  • Includes a belt holster, A/C charger and car charger.

  • Comes in cases of 10.

  • Includes an attractive tray that prominently displays the product. Perfect for counter top display.

  • Optional laser engraving so you can promote your business with our high quality, useful products.

  • Our limited lifetime warranty that customers can take advantage of by contacting Outback Flashlights.

We warranty our flashlights against manufacturing defects or failure. Does not cover batteries. If your flashlight fails to operate as designed, please return to us at your expense and we will repair or replace the light at our discretion and return it to you at our expense.

Reviews (10)


Written by Mike Brisbin on 1st Sep 2017

The Force flashlight works well and is as bright as I need, but I have run into an issue. The flashlight doesn't appear to be charging. The connection appears to be loose. Also, because I use the flashlight so much the holster appears to be wearing out rapidly. I've had to purchase extra holsters to help.

Outback force

Written by Bill forrest on 17th Aug 2017

These are without a doubt the best rechargeable flashlights. Bright, rugged and can take the daily abuse from a hard days work. It's a complete package. Chargers for home and car, extra o-rings and a belt case. A very reasonable price for an exceptional product. I have used one of these flashlights for over four years everyday. I feel that the light is so well made that I have order 3 more this past year for my employees and they use them everyday. Outback has me as a customer for life!

Force Flashlight Review

Written by Bill Forrest on 6th Mar 2017

I have owned a Force Flashlight for 3 years now, and recently ordered 2 additional Force Flashlights. The quality of the light is exceptional. Tough, rugged and bright. A light you can depend on. The Flashlight comes with both a car charger and a home charger, carrying case and extra O-rings. Most other manufacturers charge extra for these items. I am a true fan of this light and would highly recommend it to anyone that needs a flashlight that is dependable day in and day out.


Written by Neoshia PETERSEN on 18th Jan 2017

The item came quickly and arrived charged! Which I was not expecting. The bright, dim and strobe modes are easy to work.

Meets all my needs

Written by Mike Brisbin on 13th Aug 2016

This flashlight meets all my needs as a home inspector. I need a bright light to help me see in dark areas, and the flashlight is not heavy or bulky. Recharge in my vehicle as needed- won't have to worry about dead batteries any more.

Force Rechargeable Flashlight Review

Written by Rick Knotts on 5th Nov 2013

All I can say is the best flashlight I have every owned, and I've owned a few!!! I am a real estate agent that not only list and sells owner occupied homes but foreclosed residential and commercial property as well. Most of these properties are vacant, dark inside and you never know what you are walking into. This flashlight lights up the world!!! The fact that it is rechargeable both at home and in the car is a huge plus.

best light I have ever owned

Written by Ed True on 4th Apr 2013

This is simply the best light I have ever owned. Light weight but tough. Long charge time keeps it available for long periods of time. AC and DC charging makes it always available. Don't leave for the barn without it.

Bright indestructable light

Written by Plumber on 9th Dec 2012

This is the brightest toughest light Ive ever owned for its size. I have abused this light and even used it as a hammer to tap a stuck part into place (rather hard thinking it would destroy it) when I was in a precarious situation and the light never even hesitated. It holds a charge forever. Its never died on me because after several days of use I figure I should charge it. The only downside, as stated in a previous review, is the holster. Wearing it on my belt it would slide down and get stuck and eventually tearing the seam and now falling all the way through rendering the holster useless. A strap on the bottom is definitely needed. If I could acquire another holster, the reason Im at this website, I would figure a way to integrate a bottom strap. As for the other reviewers haviung issues with the button; I had an issue until I removed the bottom cap, pushed the button a few times, and pushed the nub thing on the inside of the cap and havent had a problem since. Over all; the only reason this flashlight doesnt get five stars is because of the holster. If the flash light was of any lesser quality I would have failed it miserably.

Great Light, Use it eveynight!

Written by undefined on 29th Oct 2012

The light is great and works good for corrections. i use it every night and the battery life lasts about a week before going dim with using it about 30min a night. Love how easy it is to recharge. Some lights you have to pull the batter to charge this is built in. Only down side is the flashlight holder could be built with a bottom strap so the light don't slide through the bottom, could use a adjustable beam and the button sometimes needs to be pressed a few times to get full power (connection maybe on my light). Any warranty needs the company is quick and takes care of you with no hassle. Would recommend to anyone who needs a reliable light and uses it a lot like on a graveyard shift

I use this light every day

Written by undefined on 10th Aug 2012

I use it every day find that it holds a charge for so long it outlasts my stream-lights it seems like 4 to 1. I cannot make it a day with my stream light but go all week with my Force. My only change would be have strobe as an option and improve the button I find that the button at times is sensitive and seems to not make good contact until I mess with it for a while. Custom engraving for the barrel would be nice so you can add a name or ID of some sort. I currently have four that I have purchased, and keep them in my hunting back pack as well as my job gear bag.

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