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​The Best Places to Adventure With Your Family This Memorial Day Weekend

We’re on our way to the long weekend, and it’s a perfect opportunity for a family adventure! This memorial day weekend, take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside. We’ve got some great ideas to inspire you, and help you find adventure wherever you live.

1. Take a Hike

Whether you find a trail or get lost in the foothills, a family hike is a great way to spend an afternoon. Bring a backpack filled with yummy snacks or sandwiches and reward yourselves with a picnic at the highest point of your hike.

Don’t forget to be safe. Take our Mongo Plus flashlight along to navigate your path. With a bright 550 lumens powered by a T6 - 10 Watt CREE LED , this flashlight can illuminate the dark for over 350 yards, giving you all the distance you need to navigate even rough terrain. Always keep a flashlight on hand when you venture out on a hike of your own.

2. Camp Out

What’s more fun than a family camping trip? With time off from school and work, Memorial Day weekend is a great time to kick off camping season. Many states have campgrounds where you can rent a spot for your tents or RV, and a little digging on the internet can turn up some great spots to spend the weekend.

Keep your trip safe and well lighted with a Mongo Pro Flashlight from Outback Flashlights. It has an impressive beam that is bright enough to light up the darkest wilderness nights and reaches over 350 yards. It’s water resistant and tough enough to deal with the rough and tumble of camping, and its reliability means you won’t be digging through your backpack to find a flashlight that actually works.

3. Go Stargazing

Sometimes it’s fun to get away from the city so that you can see the stars light up the sky! Take a trip out of town so that you can get away from the city lights, and find a nice spot to lay out a blanket or lay in the back of your truck bed. If you have one, a telescope can make this trip even more fun. Feeling adventurous? Climb up to a higher spot like a hill so that you can get a better view.

A headlamp is an easy and effective way to illuminate your path and keep you and your kids safe. For hands-free lighting that won’t let you down, check out our Digger Headlamp. It has four functions: high white, low white, solid red for night vision and star gazing, and flashing red for safety. It’s small enough to fit small children and still effective for adults as well.

Outback Flashlights has the best, most reliable lighting gear to keep your family safe and make your adventures more enjoyable. Visit our website to learn more about what makes our flashlights, headlamps and torches second to none, and view our variety of products for every need. We’re passionate about what we do so you don’t have to worry about our flashlights letting you down.