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No ties this Father's Day! Give him something he'll really love.

Outback Flashlights’ Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is Sunday, June 18th. Have you thought about what you’re doing for the special men in your life? Why not give them a gift this year that they’ll be able to use all the time? No matter what kind of man your dad, grandfather, or the father of your children is, we’ve got a high quality and practical gift for him.

The Car Guy

Whether he’s a mechanic by trade, or he just likes his car, your dad is the one everyone comes to for advice when their automobile is on the fritz. Make your dad’s job or hobby even more enjoyable with a high powered flashlight with features that make it easier than ever for your dad to have hands-free light wherever he needs it.

We recommend the Joey XL, a 3 in 1 workhorse that has work light, flashlight, and emergency flasher settings. The strong magnet in the flashlight’s base allows it to be reliably fixed to any metal surface while your dad works. The included 3 AA alkaline batteries have a power capacity that outperforms 4 of the competitions AAA batteries by 40%, meaning he’ll have plenty of time to work on his car before he’ll need to reach for fresh batteries.

The Outdoorsman

If your dad loves to camp and/or hunt, then he’s probably got an arsenal of back up flashlights and safety lights in his camping bag. End the cycle of buying and trashing unreliable lights by buying him a high quality flashlight that he’ll love to use and that will make his outdoor adventures easier, safer, and more fun.

We recommend the Mongo Plus, a light we designed for campers, hunters, and first responders. Available in black, gun metal and King's Camo this light is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast in your family, and puts out 550 lumens with a serious 350 yard beam and water resistant construction.

The Cyclist

Some dads like to go mountain biking, while others love to go for a ride around the neighborhood with the family. Whatever your dad’s style is, treat him to a headlamp that will make his adventures safer and more enjoyable.

We recommend the Cobbler XL, our most popular headlamp that comes with 4 light settings: high, low, night vision (red) or safety (flashing red). It’s water resistant and has a 45 degree tilting head, and it’s perfect for hands-free lighting.

Don’t buy just any old gift for the most important people in your life. Buy them the reliable, top of the line gifts that are made by the experts at Outback Flashlights. He’s always been there for you in the moments when you needed him most, get him the flashlight that will always be there for him! Find more options on our website