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Mother's Day is almost here. Are you ready?

Unique Gifts for Mom This Year

So, your mom is not outdoorsy, she doesn’t have to be! A flashlight is a gift every mother can enjoy.Mother's Day is on May 14 and it is the day we celebrate and honor moms, motherhood, and maternal bonds. This year, find out what your mom really wants for Mother's Day!

Are you having trouble deciding what to get your mom for Mother’s Day? In need of that perfect gift, but have no idea where to start? We have the answer!

Stylish and Practical

A flashlight may be practical, but our flashlights are stylish too! Let us help you find the perfect one. Everything from the Defender PAL flashlight with a 120db personal alarm which comes in four great colors to the line of Shelia! flashlights that come in different styles, patterns and colors—black, blue, pink, red, gray, Victorian lace, or sassy leopard—we have it all. Want something a little more rugged? Try the miniMongo+. There is something for every type of mom. Visit Outback's women's products page to view all of our women specific inventory.

Want to Carry Our Women’s Line in Your Store?

LED flashlights are more popular with women than you may think. There are many benefits of carrying a fashionable line of flashlights designed specifically for women. They include:


Small LED flashlights can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag ready for use when needed. LED technology makes a bright light using less energy for longer battery life.


Small LED flashlights can illuminate dark areas to and from their homes or cars, making women feel secure and safe. They can also be used as self-defense to distract or blind an attacker. Add a personal alarm (found in our patented Defender PAL flashlight) and you can alert others to the situation.

Add-on Sale

Place a display of women’s LED lights on or near the checkout counter for a great add-on sale opportunity. The fashionable Sheila! High Heel Shoe Display gets attention and shows off the lights well.

Why Choose Outback?

Outback Flashlights has been in business for more than 10 years and we have a line of flashlights specifically designed for the special mother and women in your lives. No matter her interests or personality, every mom needs a good flashlight.