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Are You Ready For the Big Hunt This Year?

Flashlights You Need for Hunting Season

A good, reliable flashlight is an important companion to any hunter. Whether you hunt at night or in the middle of the day, there are lots of important practical and safety functions that a good flashlight serves. Flashlights are important for maintaining visibility, tracking blood trails, and reading maps, among other things.

Outback Flashlights wants to equip you with the best and most useful flashlights and headlamps for your next hunting trip. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite hunting flashlights for your consideration. Take a look at the powerful features that these lights have that will make your hunting safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Our King’s Camo Line

Finally, a powerful flashlight series that also has the best of camouflage prints- King’s Camo. If you’re looking for a light that will fulfill all your needs while out in the woods, turn to one of these great flashlights. They are top of the line lights with a range of lumens to meet your needs and can cut through as much as 350 yards of darkness. Their 360 degree refraction focused beam allows you to tailor the light to your needs, whether it’s illuminating a large area or using the center spot to focus on a small point further in the distance. The rugged, water resistant exterior of the exteriors makes them a reliable companion no matter where your hunt takes you.

The Cobbler XL-S

You don’t always have the luxury of an extra hand when you’re hunting, so take along this handy hands-free light to make your hunting trips hassle-free. The Cobbler XL-S is a sturdy, water resistant headlamp that you can secure to your head and forget about through rain and mud until the moment you need it, because unlike other headlamps you won’t need to flip a switch to turn this light on and off. Instead, simply wave your hand in front of the lamp to turn it on or off.

The Cobbler XL-S is equipped with a powerful 120 lumen that can be be switched to a 50 lumen power save mode or a flashing red safety life. The light head is adjustable to 45 degrees so that you have the flexibility you need when using it.

Defender PAL

This portable little light is the perfect safety light for hunting trips. It’s 70 lumen beam covers over 150 yards of distance, and it comes in four attractive colors. It includes a 120 DB personal alarm for your safety. Like all our flashlights, we stand behind the quality and reliability of the Defender PAL with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can pack it in your hunting bag with confidence.

We know you rely on your flashlights when you’re far from home and in pursuit of a hunt. Don’t waste time, money or headaches on a flashlight that is unreliable or doesn’t meet your needs. Outback Flashlights makes it our business to be experts on the latest flashlight technology as well as great listeners, so we know what our customers need and we know how best to deliver it to them. We test every flashlight before we send it to you and back it up with a limited lifetime warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

Want to see more? Check out our inventory of innovative flashlights and search by style or by use. We’re excited to wow you with our superior quality and intuitive features.